UC Merced Sociologist Paul Almeida received the 2015 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA). The honor was given for his book Mobilizing Democracy: Globalization and Citizen Protest (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014). 
Her study challenges the emphasis on ethnicity in predicting assimilation pathways in favor of an intersectional approach that considers how multiple and intersecting dimensions of identity including race, class, and gender, shape the process of economic incorporation among ethnic groups.
Sociology Professor Paul Almeida has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to investigate Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) in Honduras.  The Fellowship will fund field research between 2015 and 2017. The University of California system has documented Fulbright Fellowships since the program's inception.  See data here 
Graduate Group Chair Paul Almeida has been appointed to the editorial board of Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos. Anuario is one of the oldest social science and history journals in Central America and is published by the University of Costa Rica Press.
Sociology at UC Merced is a prism that offers insight and perspective into what's happening in the world. Trying to understand how people mobilize under democracies or military dictatorships? Ask Professors Nella Van Dyke, Kyle Dodson or Paul Almeida. Curious about how colleges and high schools perpetuate inequality? Reach out to Professors Laura Hamilton or Irenee Beattie. Seeking...
Zulema Valdez, UC Merced (with J Wallander, S Ramirez, R DeLugan, and S Roussos) has been awarded a 3 year, NIH CBPR Grant Award for the project, “A CBPR Initiative to Address Obesity Disparities for Latinos in the California Central Valley.” The award creates a formal CBPR initiative that establishes a community-academic partnership to address obesity disparities among Latinos, with...
Zulema Valdez, UC Merced, was appointed to serve a three year term on the editorial board of Contexts Magazine, Jan 2015- Dec 2017.
Zulema Valdez, UC Merced, was appointed to serve a three year term on the ASA Dissertation Award Selection Committee, Jan 2015 - Dec 2017
Professor Whitney Laster was awarded the Graduate Student Paper Award from Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities for her paper “Racial Hierarchy and Racial Liminality in Contemporary South Africa.”
Sociology Professor Edward Flores received the ASA Section on Latino/a Sociology’s Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award. Dr. Flores’ award winning book is entitled, God’s Gangs: Barrio Ministry, Masculinity, and Gang Recovery, New York University Press (2013).


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