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Şakin Erin

Professional Title: 
  • BA Sociology 2002 Middle East Technical University
  • MA Sociology 2007 Eastern Michigan University
  • PhD Sociology 2015 University of Kentucky
Dr. Erin studies social network analysis, world systems, Islam in the United States, and Kurdish nationalist movement. He teaches research methods, self and society, globalization and social inequality. 
Here are some of Dr. Erin's recent publications: 
  • Erin, Sakin and Chase-Dunn, Christopher. 2020. "Global Political Sociology and World Systems" pp 953-972 in The New Handbook of Political Sociology edited by Thomas Janoski, Cedric de Leon, Joya Misra and Isaac William Martin. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. 
  • Erin, Sakin. 2016. "Diffusion of Islam in the United States: Comparative Personal Conversion Social Networks." International Review of Social Research 6(4):221-232