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Kathryn (Katie) Daniels

Kathryn (Katie) Daniels
Professional Title: 
Graduate Student
Kathryn (Katie) Daniels’s dissertation investigates the relationship between direct and vicarious indicators of racism and mental and physical health among mothers to understand and alleviate racial health disparities. Katie’s dissertation builds on her larger research interest in racial and gender inequality. In addition to her dissertation research, Katie’s master’s thesis used quantitative methods to analyze the relationship between self-reported racism and miscarriage among a sample of black women living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Katie has co-conducted a study in collaboration with Professors of Sociology at UC Merced (Pirtle and Valdez) examining the relationship between mental health and multiple dimensions of Latina/o identity (e.g. race, language skin color), compared against white men and women. In a second co-authored paper (with Professor Van Dyke) Katie and her colleagues use experimental design to test the effects of viewing sexual assault and domestic violence narratives on the likelihood of participating in activism aimed at ending sexual assault and domestic violence. Katie received her bachelor's degree with honors in Sociology and English from the University of California, Davis in 2011 and received her master's degree in Sociology from the University of California, Merced in 2016. Katie has also worked on research dealing with the role of personal narratives in affecting attitudes towards sexual assault, as well as research on underrepresented students in computer science. Katie received her bachelor's degree with honors in sociology and English from the UC Davis in 2011 and received her master's degree in sociology from UC Merced in 2016.