Major Requirements

Requirements for the B.A. in Sociology (SOC)
In addition to adhering to the UC Merced and School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts requirements, the Sociology major requires at least 52 units in Sociology and related courses. Courses in the major emphasis must be taken for a letter grade, and specifically may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis unless the course is only offered on a pass/no pass basis. Required courses are:
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1) 4 units
Statistics for Sociology* (SOC 10) 4 units
*Meets Quantitative Reasoning General Education requirement.
Sociological Research Methods (SOC 15) 4 units
An additional lower division course numbered 16-89: 4 units
Sociological Theory (SOC 100) 4 units
Choose 6 from courses numbered 110-180: 24 units
At least two additional upper division related courses outside of Sociology: 8 units
See an advisor or the program website for a list of acceptable courses
Sociology Department Chair
Paul Almeida, Professor
Sociology Graduate Chair
Irenee Beattie, Associate Professor
Sociology Undergraduate Chair
Edward Flores, Associate Professor
Sociology (General)
Sociology (Graduate)
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