UC Merced Sociology students and faculty actively participated in Bobcat Day festivities this past Saturday (April 21). Bobcat Day is an annual spring event where admitted students and their families visit the campus. The Sociology Club tabled the entire day. Students and faculty served on several panels and talks. Over two-thirds of the sociology faculty also took shifts and tabled for...
Professor Irenee Beattie and graduate student Melissa Quesada have been awarded a $40,000 research grant from the California Teacher Education and Research Improvement Network (CTERIN) to study the factors associated with teacher retention in underserved schools. The interdisciplinary grant, which is in collaboration with UC Merced CalTeach director Chelsea Arnold and Applied Math Professor Mayya...
Kimberly Ramirez Gonzalez has been advocating for youth for four years and she is committed to dedicating the rest of her life to doing so. The third-year UC Merced sociology student takes the stage April 19 alongside world-renowned entertainers and social activists such as Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez at WE Day California. The all-day event, held at The Forum in Inglewood...
For the summer of 2018, UC Merced Sociology undergrad Harmeet Kalsi has had a paper accepted to the August 2018 American Sociological Association (ASA) Honors Program in Philadelphia. Kalsi's paper asks how student debt might influence students' sense of self worth in positive or negative ways. The paper will be part at an undergraduate Honors Student Table Discussion. Kalsi also...
Recently Professor Laura Hamilton published two higher education articles. The first (with Simon Cheng), “Going Greek: The Organization of Campus Life and Class-Based Graduation Gaps,” came out in Social Forces. It shows that the presence of Greek letter societies at selective four-year schools, which tend to enroll students from a wide variety of class backgrounds, is associated with...
Professor Nella Van Dyke and grad student Bryan Amos have published an article on social movement coalitions in the journal Sociology Compass.  Social movements rely on coalitions to help mobilize the mass numbers of people necessary for success.  In this article, we review the literature on social movement coalition formation, longevity and success. We identify five factors...
As a teenager in Merced, Marcus Shaw lived a life marked by poverty, poor choices and indifference to education. The idea of college — especially at the new UC Merced campus — seemed like an opportunity for someone else. Yet on Dec. 16, Shaw will participate in the university’s first Fall Commencement ceremony and celebrate his dream of earning a Ph.D. in sociology. Crediting UC Merced with much...
Edward Flores was recently named as one of Faith in Merced's "Partner of the Year" recipients. He was recognized for working with a local community organizer conducting research for PICO's (People Improving Communities through Organizing) Live Free campaign. Faith in Merced is an affiliate of the PICO National Network.
Professor Paul Almeida, sociology unit chair, teaches and researches social movements among other topics. With race, immigration, rising inequality, gender discrimination and collective mobilization grabbing current headlines, the work of the UC Merced sociology unit — always relevant locally — is gaining wider recognition across the country. “The unit is...
The Bias Incident Response Team at UC Merced presents sociology Professor Nella Van Dyke, speaking on “Hate Speech and the Limits of Free Speech,” from 3-5 p.m. Nov. 29 in the California Room on campus. The United States has seen an alarming increase in hate crimes since the 2016 election, coupled with concerns over freedom of speech on college campuses. What ties these issues...


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