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Van Dyke and Grad Student Publish Article on Movement Coalitions

December 12, 2017

Professor Nella Van Dyke and grad student Bryan Amos have published an article on social movement coalitions in the journal Sociology Compass.  Social movements rely on coalitions to help mobilize the mass numbers of people necessary for success.  In this article, we review the literature on social movement coalition formation, longevity and success. We identify five factors critical to coalition formation: 1) social ties; 2) conducive organizational structures; 3) ideology, culture, and identity; 4) the institutional environment; and 5) resources.  In addition to these factors, commitment and trust facilitate longevity. Interaction, communication technology, and the availability of physical and virtual spaces that facilitate communication play important roles throughout an organization’s life span.  We conclude by evaluating the state of the research area and suggesting directions for further research.