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Professor Stephanie Canizales Receives Grant from Russell Sage Foundation

July 7, 2021

Professor Stephanie Canizales receives a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation titled: "Transnational aspirations: Unaccompanied Latinx immigrant youth's undocumented labor migration, financial responsibilities, and opportunities for mobility in young adulthood."

"This study investigates a segment of the undocumented youth population often ignored by immigration and social inequality scholars: long-settled undocumented Latinx minors who migrate to the U.S. to work. Canizales will examine the extent to which unaccompanied minor migration is a family survival and mobility strategy. To what extent do unaccompanied, undocumented youth workers in the U.S. remain tied to their home communities via familial obligations? When are social and economic obligations activated, how do youths respond, and how do these obligations shape life in the U.S. as youth come of age?"

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