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Professor Meredith Van Natta Publishes New Book with NYU Press

March 5, 2023

Please join us in congratulating professor Meredith Van Natta on the publication of her book Medical Legal Violence: Health Care and Immigration Enforcement Against Latinx Noncitizens

Of the approximately 20 million noncitizens currently living in the United States, nearly half are “undocumented,” which means they are excluded from many public benefits, including health care coverage. Additionally, many authorized immigrants are barred from certain public benefits, including health benefits, for their first five years in the United States. These exclusions often lead many immigrants, particularly those who are Latinx, to avoid seeking health care out of fear of deportation, detention, and other immigration enforcement consequences. Medical Legal Violence tells the stories of some of these immigrants and how anti-immigrant politics in the United States increasingly undermine health care for Latinx noncitizens in ways that deepen health inequalities while upholding economic exploitation and white supremacy.

Read more about Professor Van Natta's book here.