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John Adeleke Publishes Op-Ed in The Cable

June 27, 2024
Copyright: UNICEF Ethiopia/2022/Mulugeta Ayene, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sociology graduate student John Adeleke has published an op-ed titled "How economic policies are shaping health disparities in Nigeria" in The Cable, a top Nigerian news platform. From the op-ed:

It is 2024 in Nigeria, and the cost of food and other household commodities has tripled shockingly. Families are finding it difficult to afford nutritious meals, and the increased cost of basic medicines becomes a heavier burden on a family’s limited budget, while public healthcare facilities are becoming progressively worse due to underfunding.

These everyday struggles of ordinary Nigerians are not just about money or the economy but also about health. When prices rise, and policies shift, the poorest suffer the most. These socioeconomic situations determine who gets sick, who gets care, and who gets left behind.

Read the full op-ed in The Cable, here.