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Professor Charlie Eaton Quoted in Fortune

January 26, 2024

Professor Charlie Eaton was quoted in a Fortune article, titled "Bill Ackman's battle with the Ivy League is about more than DEI: Gen Z are graduating without the right behavioral and emotional skills for the workplace." From the article:

It’s misleading to imply, as some in the Wall Street camp do, that business voices are absent from that campus consensus-building. Charlie Eaton, a sociology professor at UC Merced and the author of Bankers in the Ivory Tower, says that while former business leaders hold few presidencies, they nonetheless wield outsize influence—reflected in the number of executives who sit on university boards and in the growing clout of the schools’ chief financial officers and chief investment officers. In promulgating the idea that universities are business-ignorant, he says, “Bill Ackman’s criticisms are all pretty silly and unserious.”

Read the full article here.